Kings Road, SW10

Following a survey to this property, the defects to the decorative masonry were found to have de-bonded from the facade itself presenting a realistic potential for falling masonry in the near future. All parties were in agreement that it was not cost effective to restore these areas with in-situ repairs so we have been instructed to restore the facade of this property with replacement stones. The restoration works will include the removal of the decayed moulded details, preparations of the masonry substrate and installation of new moulded window surrounds, window hoods, cornice, decorative frieze panels and corbels. The replacement details are to be cast in reconstituted stone then decorated to match the neighbouring properties. Our works will not only make the building safer but  will restore this home back to its former glory.

Works in progress:

As is often the case with restoration works; you cannot always predict what surprises will present themselves once preparations works are underway. The arched brickwork window head had failed and was about to collapse so we needed to remove the loose masonry and install a concrete lintel before making good and installing the new mouldings.

New cast mouldings being installed.


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