Highgate NW5

To kick off the new year we have been instructed to undertake restoration and structural works to these 2 Georgian town houses in Highgate.

It was initially assumed that the 2 porticos and balcony stone slab were likely to require demolition and complete rebuild at considerable financial expenditure to the client. After working with the project architect & structural engineer we have designed suitable reinforcements to the original stone balcony slab and porticos that will omit the need to completely rebuild for many years.

The balcony slab has extensive fractures which require consolidation and support, galvanised cramps and support brackets will ensure that the balcony remains safe without the need for a costly rebuild. The porticos also show signs of movement so lintels will be installed beneath the columns to give additional structural support and the fractures will be chemically stitched to consolidate their structural integrity. Following the completion of structural repairs all architectural mouldings and details will be restored to original profiles.

Progress photos below


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