Wanstead E11

This Victorian house had undergone major alterations over the years, the stone built bay windows and ornate features had been removed, the timber sashes replaced with plastic framed double glazing and plastic cladding to the gables.  The entire building had been also coated with a strong cement render and painted, subsequently there was extensive damage to the soft red brick beneath the render.

Our services were sought to restore the masonry once the extent of the damage was evident, some of which may have been caused during the render removal by others.  We carried out the masonry cleaning, then brick repair & pointing samples were undertaken to establish a way forward, with a methodology in place we then “indented” the replacement bricks individually to cause minimal disturbance to the structure. Eventually all of the architectural features will be reinstated by us including the design and build of the stone bay windows, window heads, cills and corbels. The finished result will be a beautiful home that has fully restored to the original Victorian design.


Highgate NW5

To kick off the new year we have been instructed to undertake restoration and structural works to these 2 Georgian town houses in Highgate.

It was initially assumed that the 2 porticos and balcony stone slab were likely to require demolition and complete rebuild at considerable financial expenditure to the client. After working with the project architect & structural engineer we have designed suitable reinforcements to the original stone balcony slab and porticos that will omit the need to completely rebuild for many years.

The balcony slab has extensive fractures which require consolidation and support, galvanised cramps and support brackets will ensure that the balcony remains safe without the need for a costly rebuild. The porticos also show signs of movement so lintels will be installed beneath the columns to give additional structural support and the fractures will be chemically stitched to consolidate their structural integrity. Following the completion of structural repairs all architectural mouldings and details will be restored to original profiles.

Progress photos below


Crouch End, N8

We have been instructed to undertake restoration works to the facade of this property in Crouch End. Some areas of the existing ornate masonry have decayed so much there was a high risk of substantial pieces of stone falling onto the pedestrian footpath below. Replacement stones will be indented where necessary and in-situ repairs will be carried out where it is cost effective. Following the masonry restoration works the areas which were previously painted will be redecorated.

Restoration works complete and scaffold removed.



Lazarus Building, Shoreditch, East London

img_0591Guild Architectural Restoration have commenced with the 2nd phase of works to The Lazarus Building in Shoreditch.

This phase will see the completion of the replacement stones to the most ornate details of the facade, once the masonry replacement and in-situ repairs are complete the final design and installation of the external lighting system will go ahead followed by the upgrade of double glazed units and acoustic seals to the original timber framed windows which will help to reduce the noise pollution levels from surrounding bars and night clubs. Then we are onto the final stage of the restoration project; redecoration of the upgraded and restored windows and rainwater goods will bring the restoration works to completion, a final wash down of the facade before scaffold removal will complete the project.


Kings Road, SW10

Following a survey to this property, the defects to the decorative masonry were found to have de-bonded from the facade itself presenting a realistic potential for falling masonry in the near future. All parties were in agreement that it was not cost effective to restore these areas with in-situ repairs so we have been instructed to restore the facade of this property with replacement stones. The restoration works will include the removal of the decayed moulded details, preparations of the masonry substrate and installation of new moulded window surrounds, window hoods, cornice, decorative frieze panels and corbels. The replacement details are to be cast in reconstituted stone then decorated to match the neighbouring properties. Our works will not only make the building safer but  will restore this home back to its former glory.

Works in progress:

As is often the case with restoration works; you cannot always predict what surprises will present themselves once preparations works are underway. The arched brickwork window head had failed and was about to collapse so we needed to remove the loose masonry and install a concrete lintel before making good and installing the new mouldings.

New cast mouldings being installed.