Here you can view some examples of restoration work, in detail.


Facade Cleaning & paint removal

We have extensive experience of using the super heated pressure wash systems; Nebulous water spray, environmentally friendly detergents & poultices for paint and stain removal.

Utilising specialist paint softening poultices and super heated pressure wash systems, we can remove multiple layers of paint and dirt to restore masonry to its natural state.



Lime Render & Pointing

We are experienced in the use and application of all types of lime based mortars

Lime Mortar has been utilised in the construction of ancient buildings and landmarks that survive to this day, which is testament to its superior properties as a mortar. Ancient and historical structures built by civilisations from across the world, are still standing thanks to the use of lime mortars.

Compared to modern cement based mortars and due to its unique beneficial properties lime mortar has the following advantages:

  • Allows a structure to breath, lime mortar allows moisture to evaporate, walls to dry naturally and adapt with environmental conditions.
  • Offers greater flexibility than cement based mortars due to its low modulus of elasticity, which allows for slight movement and thermal expansion throughout the life of the building.
  • Lime re-absorbs the carbon dioxide (CO2) emitted by its calcination (firing), thus partially offsetting an amount emitted during its manufacture, this is a unique benefit to any other building material currently available.
  • Allows masonry to be recycled, due to the softer nature of lime mortars and relative ease in which lime mortar can be removed from dismantled structures, bricks and stones can be re-used.
  • Lime acts sacrificially in that it is weaker and breaks down more readily than the masonry, thus saving weaker masonry such as sandstone, limestone or brick from the harmful effects of temperature expansion and mortar freeze.
  • It has a lower firing temperature than Portland cement, and is thus less polluting.



Natural stone indents

Stone masons carefully prepare the damaged area by removing the minimum of the original stone work, then from a block of matching natural stone a replacement is hand carved to the original profile and finally set into position.

These Portland stone indents were hand carved on site to ensure that they perfectly matched the original  profile and details.



Reconstituted & Pre-Cast Stone

We can re-create any architectural moulding, detail or feature in a wide variety of materials or design something that is completely unique, our experienced masons will also  ensure that the install is undertaken to the highest standard.



Figurative Carving with Carrera Marble

These carved figures were restored with a suitable matching Carrera marble.  To ensure that the replacement details were anatomically correct,  clay or wax  is used to model the details on site then taken off to the studio so a replica can be carved in marble before finally fitting onto the existing figure with reinforced dowels and some fine finishing back on site.



Figurative Remodelling

Using specialist lime based conservation materials these figures were painstakinly restored to their original form. They had not only suffered from severe decay to the sandstone but they had also previously  been very poorly “repaired” and then painted. Once the paint and cement based mortar “repairs” were removed from the figures it became apparent that there was very little of the original detail left to work form. The local library photo archives were trawled for any hint to the original form, luckily some were found and they were just good enough to allow the remodelling to take shape, with limbs and faces restored they finally emerged just how they would have appeared over 100 years ago.



In-situ reconstituted stone repairs

Providing that any damage or decay is not too extensive and there is a suitable substrate, the natural stone can be repaired as a less expensive option than indenting carved natural stone replacements, the images below show how we achieved this with in-situ lime based mortar repairs to this Bath stone portico cornice using a blend of aggregates, natural stone dust and lime. The finished appearance of the repair can be skillfully executed to match the existing texture and colour of the surrounding masonry and can look every bit as good as natural stone.



Mosaic Restoration

This mosaic floor had been patched up over the years with concrete and was not being correctly cleaned and maintained, therefore this beautiful feature was left looking very tired and dull. After carefully removing the concrete patches, replacement glass mosaic tiles were sourced to match the existing and were carefully pieced-in, once the floor was re-grouted and professionally cleaned, a sealant was applied. Finally the colours and details could once again be appreciated.



Architectural Metalwork

We can restore heritage metal work as well as design and supply either bespoke architectural metal work or unique features in all types of metal.



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